FrIdAy ThE 13Th!!(And 14tH)


May 13th, and 14th!


First come, first served! 

From when our doors open at 11am- 7pm we are offering $40 flash tattoos and $40 piercings. Please come early as the lines go around the block, also for a chance to win a free t-shirt and sticker pack! Come choose from our custom flash and walk out with awesome stories and tattoos/piercings! 

Also for the first time ever we will be pushing our special onto the next day, May 14th!




  • No appointments

  • Three (3) tattoos/piercings maximum per person

  • Two (2) color maximum

  • No tattoos on head, face, neck, fingers, hands, or feet. 

  • piercings only on nose (nostril, septum) outer ear (helix, lobes)

  • Have fun!